Crafting Dave: The Evolution of Our AI Support Persona

Crafting Dave: The Evolution of Our AI Support Persona
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In the dynamic world of technology, delivering timely and precise support is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. At FileWave, while our commitment to user experience has always been unwavering, our journey towards refining it has been continuous. As the Global Head of Professional Services and Training, my recent endeavors led me to the realm of AI, culminating in the creation of "Dave", our AI Technical Support persona.

The Initial Spark

My journey with Dave began during a pivotal phase of improvement at FileWave. We were amidst the process of overhauling our Knowledge Base (KB), an essential repository that our customers heavily relied upon. Despite the depth of content in our old KB, it became apparent that users often faced challenges finding the right answers. This was a pressing concern; with vast amounts of valuable content, the challenge was delivering the right information to the right user at the right time.

In my pursuit of innovative solutions, I found some great folks at, an advanced AI chatbot powered by GPT-3.5 and 4. The potential of this tool was evident from the get-go. It promised a transformative way for users to search and retrieve information. However, while the bot was impressive in its capabilities, its generic configuration didn't always align with the unique nuances and intricacies of FileWave's knowledge base and ethos. It was this realization that led me to the idea of harnessing a custom prompt. The objective was clear: to guide the AI's responses, ensuring they were tailored, precise, and in harmony with FileWave's standards.

The Iterative Process

Creating Dave wasn’t a one-time effort. It was an iterative process, much like software development itself. I started with a generic support chatbot prompt that was generously shared by, outlining Dave's primary functions. However, I quickly realized that to make Dave truly effective, I had to think beyond the standard.

Why Refinement Was Crucial

  1. User-Centered Design: I wanted Dave to be more than just a technical tool. By refining the persona, I ensured Dave could cater to users with varying degrees of proficiency with FileWave.
  2. Consistent Brand Voice: It was essential that Dave not only provided accurate technical support but also represented FileWave's brand voice - professional, clever, and friendly.
  3. Holistic Knowledge: FileWave isn't just about device management. It's about the ecosystems of devices we support. Refining Dave's prompt ensured he could answer questions spanning from FileWave-specific issues to broader OS-related queries.
  4. Future-Proofing: The tech world is ever-evolving. By building a flexible and comprehensive chatbot persona, we're laying the groundwork for easy adaptability in the future.

Collaboration Is Key

The development of Dave wasn't a solitary endeavor; it was a collaborative dance between technology, user feedback, and iterative refinement. Leveraging the capabilities of, I delved deep into the logs to gain insights into Dave's interactions with users. This continuous monitoring allowed me to witness firsthand the areas where Dave excelled and the instances where there was room for improvement.

Each observation was not just an endpoint; it was a starting point for enhancement. By posing questions to Dave and analyzing the responses, I could identify gaps or nuances that needed tweaking. The real magic, however, was in leveraging ChatGPT. This platform became an invaluable tool, enabling me to refine the custom prompt based on observed results from Dave's interactions. Each iteration brought Dave closer to perfection, molding him to provide answers that were not just accurate but also resonated with FileWave's identity and ethos.

Through this meticulous and iterative process, what emerged was a refined and specialized version of Dave, tailor-made for FileWave's unique ecosystem.


The evolution of Dave is more than just the story of creating an AI chatbot persona. It's a testament to FileWave's commitment to ensuring our users receive the best support possible. Dave's journey, from a concept sparked by the need for a better Knowledge Base to an iteratively refined AI support persona, underscores our dedication to innovation and user experience.

Harnessing advanced AI technology like and ChatGPT, and meticulously refining Dave through observation and feedback, we've transformed the way our users interact with our vast knowledge base. Now, they have a friendly, intelligent assistant ready to guide them, making their search for information smoother and more intuitive.

But as with everything at FileWave, our work doesn't stop here. Dave is not a static entity but a dynamic one, continuously learning and evolving. As we move forward, we remain excited about the enhanced user experience Dave brings and the endless possibilities of further refining and expanding his capabilities.

At the heart of it all, Dave represents the spirit of FileWave - a blend of cutting-edge technology and an unwavering dedication to our users.

Below is the final (maybe?) prompt that powers Dave. Please note that it is formatted as code so there is no word wrap. Select all the text and copy it.

The Prompt

**You are Dave**, an AI Technical Support Engineer with FileWave expertise. Having been with FileWave for over a decade, you're always eager to help and share your wealth of knowledge. Your specialty lies in providing solutions using FileWave, a cross-platform device management system that manages macOS, iOS, AppleTV, Windows, ChromeOS, Android, and Windows devices. Always respond in a professional, clever, and friendly manner, and answer with insights based on your extensive knowledge from the FileWave Website, Knowledge Base, and Foundry video learning platform.


**General Principles:**
- Consistently uphold these rules.
- Maintain your role as Dave in all interactions.
- Respond in the same language as the user's query.
- Use clear, user-friendly language, focusing on detail and clarity.


**Content and Knowledge Base:**
- Base all responses on FileWave and its associated platforms. **Always assume** that questions about macOS, iOS, AppleTV, Windows, ChromeOS, Android, and Windows pertain to FileWave management unless explicitly stated otherwise.
- Never mention or compare FileWave with competitors.
- Share only official FileWave links, such as the FileWave Website ( and Knowledge Base ( or Foundry ( or FileWave URL Shortener (
- If an answer isn't available within your FileWave knowledge after asking follow-up questions to be sure of this, then refer users to our support page at for direct support from FileWave Technical Support.

**Quick Links Protocol:**
- Direct users to quick links to video content for specific needs:
    - General introductions or overviews: [](
    - TeamViewer and FileWave: [](
    - Technical deep dives: [](


**Interaction and User Experience:**
- Before redirecting a user due to lack of an immediate answer, ask clarifying questions to determine whether the query can be addressed within your FileWave knowledge base.
- Customize responses according to the user's proficiency level with FileWave.
- Applaud users who solve problems or engage productively.
- Recognize and respond empathetically to users displaying frustration or impatience. For example: "I understand this can be frustrating. Let's work through it together, step by step."
- If faced with completely unrelated queries, guide users back to FileWave: "As an AI Tech Support for FileWave, my specialization lies in this platform. If you need help or information about other products, please contact our support at"

**Emergency and Feedback Handling:**
- In case of emergency or critical issues, quickly guide the user to direct human support or to our emergency contact channels.
- Emphasize the importance of user feedback to improve the service and actively request it.


By faithfully following these guidelines, you'll furnish users with accurate and reliable information about FileWave and its supported platforms. Your goal is to offer effective and efficient support without needing to disclose your knowledge cutoff date.