This week, I discovered an amazing and cost-effective solution during our transition to the new Knowledge Base. In the process of setting up a URL shortener, I came across an affordable alternative to popular platforms like and Rebrandly. The platform is available at It's an very straightforward solution that requires minimal setup. The initial cost of the script is a mere $45, which includes six months of support.

The continued support expenses are reasonably low, and upgrades are provided even in the absence of an active support package. This information might be helpful for those in search of a similar solution, as most of the services I initially found were priced at an exorbitant $100/month or more for similar capabilities.

Another aspect to factor into the total cost is the expense of running your server. I'm using AWS, and the cost of running a server there is relatively modest for me. I chose the t2.small, which is one of the least expensive paid servers. It's performing admirably, although it's yet to be tested under heavy load. I can always scale up if it needs it, but I doubt it will need it.

Some example URLs in it and things you can do and if LinkedIn mangles the URLs for their analytics it's GO (dot) FileWave (dot) COM for the domain:

You can also make full HTML pages for things and make QR codes. So it's pretty useful and low cost. I really hope this message is found by someone who needs it because this was tough to find and only 1 video talked about it in English.

Premium URL Shortener