I use GoogleApps for my Joshie.com domain. I do this because Google generally is awesome. I love Gmail so why not leverage Google for all my personal stuff? There's a good reason why you might not want to, and it's that frequently us Apps users are left behind on features. For instance there is no Google Profiles for Apps users right now. That means no +1 for me and no Google+ for me. It used to be more of a pain because there was a whole lot more I couldn't do like Google Voice, but they have since resolved most of those problems. So now I'm just feeling really down that I am not able to use services that people with a free Gmail account can use. So if you are thinking about using Apps for a personal domain please keep in mind that you may not be able to do the newest things. In fact it may take as long as a year before you can use them.

No Google+ for you!

Using GoogleApps for personal domains provides excellent integrated features, but be aware: access to the latest updates may be delayed. Users might miss out on new functionalities, which can be a source of frustration compared to the immediate availability seen with free Gmail accounts.