I can be slow sometimes. There has been a really cool Anime since 2000 and I kept planning to look at it, but as always I kept putting it off. MegaTokyo is the story of Piro (avid anime/manga/dating sim fan) and Largo (hard-core gamer/l33th4x0rm4st3r) who fly to Japan on a whim and find themselves stranded, unable to afford the trip home. In their struggles to find places to crash and money for tickets home, we experience Tokyo from their unique and drastically different points of view. Megatokyo is a free online web comic/manga with new comics every monday, wednesday, friday of every week. It has grown into one of the most popular online comics on the web, with a community large enough to wreak havoc on the poor servers hosting it. The first print collection of Megatokyo went to press in December of 2002. Check it out.