Interview about Google Glass

Interview about Google Glass
Photo by Mitchell Luo / Unsplash

Tonight I did an interview about Google Glass as it relates to Firefighting and EMS;

I think it went well. I had the questions ahead of time and had my notes up on my screen but at the beginning of the video I was stupidly staring at my image in the bottom right corner of my screen which resulted in my eyes looking closed. I caught on and soon you see my eyes more. I think I did pretty well. There was one point I meant to make but somehow it didn’t get said. For Firefighter use of a variant of Google Glass I forgot to say that there needs to be a way to handle swiping. I was thinking if there was a switch you could move that with your gloved hand. Aside from that I think it went well…

Everyone who knows me knows that I struggle with public speaking. Years ago I would never ever do it. I failed my communication class in college over my fear. Towards the end at Time Inc I would speak more and people said I did OK. When I left for Absolute it was for a job that is entirely public speaking but in a more personal environment. Usually myself and 1 to 4 other people. I was thrilled to be asked to do this interview because I knew it would be seen by more people and so there was personal risk. It felt really good after.

Yesterday I also did something that scared me. I was doing my weekly Fire training and I became frustrated in a maze and gave up. I took a break and then went back to the maze and accomplished the task that I had trouble with and then did it a second time. I’m going to make every effort to keep doing things that scare me because ultimately it is what will help me grow.