So a few months ago I went to London on Eos Airlines. They are Chapter 11 now, but they were a super airline. They had a little movie player you could watch tons of BBC stuff on during the flight. I saw a single episode of Gavin & Stacey and was hooked. Such a really great show that reminds me a lot of Dharma & Greg here in the US. In both shows the female lead is a blonde, and in the first episode of D&G they get married. In the second episode of G&S they get engaged. G&S though just has such a warm feeling to it. I have co-workers in London that were kind enough to send me episode 1 & 2 from season 1 so I just got to see those tonight. I really really miss London. Seeing some of the scenes in some of the places I traveled to was nice. Sitting here in Fair Lawn, NJ I always wonder what life would be like if my wife would let us pack our bags and live in some other country. When I have been in Poland, London, and Israel it's crazy how nice everyone is. In London folks that work together actually go to the Pub after work to hang out. Maybe it's just me but, there are only about 10 people at work I could stand to spend any time with outside the office, but long commutes home really don't make it possible. Anyways... if you have never watched Gavin & Stacey you should check it out. YouTube has some clips, and you can buy season 1 from and shipping is about $16 right now. (8 pound is about $16.) I got a few other shows too. They are all Region 2 encoded which means you need something that can crack and rip them or else you need a Region 2 DVD player and a PAL to NTSC converter. I will never understand why the US and UK have different region codes. Movie/TV studios put this stuff in to protect sales, but in the end they lose sales and the customer loses as well. Such a shame when such great shows come out of the UK, and such terrible regurgitations come out of the US.

Gavin & Stacey