I decided to take a topic that I'm a pretty good expert at and build a website around it. The site is http://www.EnterpriseAdmin.org and it's goal is to help people who are in similar jobs as mine. Every day my group works on making OS images, configuring AntiVirus and creating training for software. I tried to think of all the major topics I deal with and organize them in a way that makes sense. In my world I have 60% Windows and 40% Mac OS. I know I'm not the norm so I broke up topics by OS. I hope someone looks at the site and gives me feedback on things I got right and anything they think I got wrong. Something I want to add is a code snippet database so folks can post example WinBatch or shell script code to help others. That part is a work in progress in my head. If you were to use the site what is it missing to make it helpful?